With high grade construction and highly effective damping, Silent Coat Damping Mat is already the choice of many professionals.

Silent Coat Mat Profile

Technical advantages:

  •     Self adhesive butyl rubber visco elastic polymer active layer
  •     Aluminium constraining layer for maximum noise reduction improves performance
  •     Highly efficient vibration damper
  •     Superior performance to comparable products
  •     Contains 30% more active material than the Dynamic sounding brand leader
  •     Highly efficient performance requires less product
  •     More economical in use compared to competitors

Product features:
  •     Soft and easy to use
  •     No nasty ashfelt tar smell, often found with inferior bitumen products
  •     High grade adhesive stays stuck even in extreme temperatures
  •     Non flammable
  •     Contains no bitumen
  •     Unbeatable cost to performance ratio

 Product range:

All the Silent Coat deadening mats have the same unique butyl formulation, the thicker versions simply increase deadening potential and help when you have very bad structural vibrations to kill.

  • Regular 2mm - Used in most general applications
  • Black 3mm - Used in classic cars & 4x4 where more damping required (and black finish is preferred)
  • Extra 4mm - Used on panels that have forced/bad vibrations (bulkhead, wheel arches, near speakers etc)
  • Multilayer 5mm - Product is extra stiff for also strengthening panels (subwoofer vibrations, panel ripple etc)