Alpine Volkswagen T5 Install

When Alpine Electronics UK collaborated with us to create a rather special show vehicle for 2017, our job was to make it the perfect audio listening environment.

This Volkswagen T5 LWB van will be used as a mobile listening room for some very special Alpine X-Series car audio. Our job was to make it the perfect listening environment using the very best in Silent Coat deadening and sound proofing.

Alpine VW T5 Demo Van

We have been working with the installers at Oxford Car Audio to build the foundation of this awesome demo van. We selected Silent Coat Extra 4mm sound deadening and Absorber 35 foam to ensure the interior was quiet and absolutely rattle free.

A layer of Silent Coat 4mm sound deadening was applied to all metal panels. The floor, sides, roof and doors all received a full application in order to remove unwanted vibrations. The wheel arches were also covered 100% in order to reduce road noise when on the move.

Volkswagen T5 sound deadening

We would normally treat a Volkswagen T5 van with a layer of Isolator foam to regulate temperature, however this van was to be used primarily as a listening room for audio demonstrations. We therefore installed our very best Absorber 35 acoustic foam to improve the interior acoustics. This was applied to all key panels in the rear.

The front doors received equal attention so that the front component speakers had a solid environment to perform at their best. A layer of Silent Coat Extra 4mm sound deadening to both door skins and more Absorber 35 to the rear of the door cards was installed.

With the van fully treated with Silent Coat, Oxford Car Audio started to work their magic fabricating and installing the huge amount of Alpine X-Series car audio products. The van will be used to display and showcase the very best in Alpine Electronics throughout 2017/18.

Alpine X-Series Demo

Alpine VW T5 Interior

A video showcasing the Silent Coat installation can be viewed below.

With thanks to our partners Alpine Electronics UK and Oxford Car Audio.