European Sound Deadening Products

Silent Coat

Silent Coat is the new exciting sound deadening brand to hit the United Kingdom. Whether you are restoring a classic car, building an audio system, or trying to give yourself a bit of silent luxury on your daily commute, we have a product or combination of products that will help you achieve your goals while saving money and save time.


Silent Coat specialises in solutions for noise and vibration issues in cars and all products are made in Russia. With military grade construction and highly effective damping, Silent Coat Damping Mat is already the choice of many car audio competitors


The Silent Coat range of products has been specifically designed for the European market and is distributed in the UK by Midbass Distribution.

Silent Coat can be purchased from many specialist car audio and automotive accessory retailers or online at Car Audio Direct or the Sound Deadening Shop


Silent Coat is distributed in the United Kingdom by Midbass Distribution Ltd. To learn more about Midbass Distribution, please visit or email